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About Us

The Michigan Sports Academy is Southeast Michigan's premier instructional and training facility. MSA has seen thousands of athletes, from beginners to professionals, come through our doors and our coaching staff has worked to help all of them elevate their game to a new level. We have had the joy of seeing athletes of all ages and levels in their sports in ways that they never dreamed of.

Our staff, loaded with collegiate and professional coaching and playing experience, continues to elevate our game by creating and developing new programs, while fine-tuning our existing programs. By integrating techniques used by the professionals, our goal is to help our athletes make the most of their athletic experience. MSA helps athletes in four major ways: 

  • PROVIDE A MAP will show athletes where they can go in their sport. The destination is different for everyone, but most don't realize the opportunities available.
  • ESTABLISH A PLAN that will show athletes how to reach their destinations. There are no shortcuts, but there are tools needed to reach the destination on the map.
  • SAVE TIME AND FRUSTRATION: Sometimes athletes attempt to take shortcuts to achieve success, but they usually end up as bad roads that lead to dead ends. "Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent." Practicing the wrong skills wastes valuable time and leads to frustration. At the Michigan Sports Academy, the instruction received is the same that is given at the highest levels and has been tested at all levels of competition.
  • INCREASE THE ENJOYMENT of your sport by helping you elevate your game!

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