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The Art of Instruction

Before reading about the details of the programs, I wanted to let you know how we treat each player at MSA. We don't believe in any "one size fits all" philosophy in hitting, pitching or any other aspect of softball or baseball. We evaluate each player individually and use our years of experience to help each player improve. We see teaching the skills as an art that should be fit to each player, not that the player should be squeezed into a particular style or philosophy.

If you have any questions about the programs below please contact us by phone or e-mail.

See you soon!

Chris Harrison

The Michigan Sports Academy has various lesson options to help its athletes elevate their games! MSA offers instructional lessons to help beginners just learning their sport, all the way up to professionals fine tuning their skills. Our baseball and softball instruction focuses on all aspects of the game including pitching, catching, fielding, hitting, speed, and throwing, as we try to elevate your game!

We provide a variety of programs that you can enroll in. Our Buddy Lessons are perfect for you and a group of your friends to get instruction together. For more individual instruction, sign up for our semi-private or private Development 4-Packs where you and possibly one more MSA athlete will receive instruction (Coach Harrison does offer a package that is private). Whether it's pre-season or in-season, you can take your team through our Team Practices with our MSA coaches will help your team elevate their game!

More detailed information about our programs below

Developmental 4-Pack

Our most popular option among athletes, the MSA Development 4-Pack contains a drill package, instructional lesson session, and conditioning workout.

The 4-Packs are great for athletes at all levels, with MSA coaches working with beginning players to professional athletes. Each 4-Pack is designed by the coach to help the individual athlete at his or her level.

MSA Development 4-Packs Include:

1 Private film evaluation lesson with computer analysis

3 semi-private lessons (two player maximum) with drills, instruction, and strength programs designed especially for baseball and softball

MSA Development 4-Packs are offered for baseball and softball instruction specializing in:

  • Pitching
  • Hitting
  • Catching
  • Throwing
  • Fielding
  • Speed

Cost: $165 per player*

*Coach Zahn Pitching Lessons - $180

Guaranteed Private Package

(Coach Harrison Only)

All four lessons are individual.

Cost: $180 per player

Team Practices

Let coaches from the Michigan Sports Academy run your team through one of our Team Practices! A Team Practice with an MSA coach is a great way to get your players instruction from coaches with experience in collegiate and professional backgrounds. These workouts with our coaches can be setup in a variety of ways, from a complete practice to work on a specific skill. We can even provide computer analysis focusing on each player's swing or motion. The Michigan Sports Academy has everything your team needs for pre-season and in-season practice and workouts, especially on a rainy day!

MSA offers teams:

  • Indoor cages
  • A variety of pitching machines
  • Portable pitching mounds
  • Strength area

For more information on pricing and options, please call us at 734-944-6721

Buddy Lessons

MSA's Buddy Lessons are perfect for you and three other teammates or friends to receive instruction for an hour lesson with one of our MSA coaches! Buddy lessons are available for both baseball and softball players of all levels!

Many teams have sent their whole pitching staffs through our Buddy Lessons to prepare them for their upcoming seasons!

Choose what you want to work on:

  • Pitching - throwing drills, pickoff moves, bullpens
  • Catching - receiving, blocking, throwing
  • Fielding - footwork, glove work, throwing
  • Hitting - mechanics, timing, vision
  • Speed - technique, explosion, sprinting

Cost:  $120/hr

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